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Our experience of more than 30 years has given us a global and consolidated vision of the main needs of our clients in different areas.

Throughout all these years we have dealt with a multitude of clients, many of them already friends, who have made us understand how complicated it is on many occasions to carry out procedures in Spain when they have to be done from abroad, beyond the problem of language and understanding the requirements of the Spanish administration.

With all this, and bringing our experience to bear, at MAM Solicitors we have launched our “Sweet Home” service with the aim that our clients’ only concern is their stay in Spain.

We explain it to you below!

What is the MAM Solicitors “Sweet Home” service?

“Sweet Home” is designed to satisfy all the needs that our clients may have related to their properties in Spain and do not need to travel. Just trust MAM Solicitors and decide when they will come to enjoy their stay here.

Through this service we guarantee a comprehensive 24/7 assistance every day of the year as and when needed.

For this, “Sweet Home” is divided into 3 areas in order to give full coverage to any need:

  • Sweet Home Utilities:

We will help you with all aspects related to the house itself, such as direct debits, management of the different utilities such as gas, water, electricity, and any legal changes that may affect them.

We will also advise you and explain any documentation that you receive related to owners’ meetings or other related legal aspects.

  • Sweet Home Legal:

The legal area includes free advice as well as detailed explanation of the steps to follow in any legal matter that may affect you, as well as explanation of letters, notifications, minutes of meetings of the Community of Owners, etc., that you may receive and verification of the validity of all types of documents.

  • Sweet Home Tax:

From “Sweet Home Tax” we take care to answer all questions related to the taxation of non-residents, as well as providing the latest information published by official bodies on the applicable tax rules, as well as the formalities related to all your taxes in Spain.

You can find more detailed information by clicking here.

Why choose MAM Solicitors to handle all your paperwork in Spain?

The two main pillars of MAM Solicitor’s law practise are very high levels of professionalism, combined with strong client relationships. The firm is served by an integrated team of qualified solicitors, registered lawyers and members of the Bar Association, supported by expert, multilingual administrative staff.

We cover all aspects of both the purchase and the sale processes to ensure you are protected and throughly informed at all times.

Not to mention we don’t only speak English! Dutch, French and Norwegian are spoken fluently at MAM Solicitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you think we can help you.