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Years of experience working side by side with foreign property owners have given us a deep understanding of those services that our clients usually require. Time and time again, we have seen how difficult it can be for people living far away to manage their affairs in Spain, especially if there are language issues.

In order to help, and for a very modest fee, MAM offers a new and innovative retainer service, designed to provide instant access to comprehensive assistance as and when it is needed.

We want you to enjoy your time in Spain!

We offer you our personal attention across three main areas:

MAM Sweet Home Tax

Our MAM Sweet Home department focuses on foreign property owners who do not reside in the country but who own properties on Spanish soil and are therefore subject to a series of inescapable fiscal obligations towards the Spanish Tax Department.
In accordance with Spanish law, non-resident property owners are obliged to pay certain taxes in this country, so appointing a legal representative in Spain, to handle their applicable tax obligations, has proved to be a wise and useful decision for most non-resident property owners.
We provide:

  • Free answers to all questions relating to non-resident taxation.
  • Current information regarding the latest developments in the Spanish taxation rules for non-residents, when they apply to you.
  • Calendar prompts and due notice when tax obligations in Spain become due.
  • Calculation, presentation and payment (on receipt of covering funds) of your non-resident yearly tax return.
  • Setting up of a standing order for the direct payment of local taxes (IBI).
  • Resolution services for any queries regarding local rates and taxes.
  • All our services will be based on the documentation and information provided to us by the client. MAM solicitors will not be responsible for any failures due to lack of information or wrongfully given data.

MAM Sweet Home Legal

  • Checking of legal documents and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Explanations of letters, notifications, Community of Owners Minutes, etc…, that you might receive. If you don’t understand, never be afraid to ask us!
  • Free legal advice and a detailed explanation of the steps involved in any legal issue that could affect you (i.e., Divorce, car accident, criminal offence, insurance claims, complex legal contracts, etc…).

MAM Sweet Home Utilities

  • Help to set up and change direct debit details with utilities providers.
  • Assistance if you should ever find that your supply is cut off.
  • Information should laws change that might affect your Gas, Electricity or water supplies.