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Once the contracts are signed and before completion arrives, the vendor should be preparing the following documentation:

  • The Energy Performance Certificate of the house.
  • The CEDULA / Declaration Responsible of the house.
  • The certificate of the community of owners confirming the house is up to date.
  • The last utility bills to check the house is up to date in the payment of all utilities (water, electricity, gas)
  • If the vendor is FISCAL RESIDENT in SPAIN, he must apply for the certificate of Fiscal Residency (to avoid the 3% NON-RESIDENT retention on completion). In fact, this should be attended before placing the house on sale in order to ensure that the certificate will come positive and, if not, present the necessary documentation at the tax office to prove you are indeed fiscal resident in Spain.

Any problem indicated in the previous point, Check the legal situation of the property, should be clear / corrected at this stage.

Once everything is ready, we can proceed with the completion of the sale at the Notary, which ca be attended personally by the vendor or your solicitor with PoA.

On completion usually the vendor receives a banker’s draft with the balance of the sale. Depending on the conditions you might have with your Spanish bank they will charge you a commission for deposing it in your account and another one for transferring it into your home country. At MAM Solicitors, we can instead deposit the draft into our account and we can then instruct the transfer to the account you wish free of any bank charges, making everything easier and cheaper (and even faster) for the vendor. We encourage that you give a PoA to your solicitor, this way you as vendor do not need to worry of coming to Spain on the particular completion date and arrange the depositing of the banker’s draft on completion of the transfer of money abroad, the solicitor takes care of everything and you receive the balance of the sale in your home account.

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