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You want to buy a house in Spain.

The sunshine and the way of life has seduced you. But it´s something that you should do with utmost care, to avoid unexpected surprises.

At MAM Solicitors, we fully understand the difficulties most expatriate buyers face when purchasing a property in Spain. There are language barriers to deal with. Paperwork is difficult to interpret, and the Spanish legal system often seems impossible to understand, even surreal.

Whether you are buying a new-build property or a resale, MAM Solicitors will make sure that there are no rude awakenings. We take care of everything, from your preliminary searches on Title, right through to final completion. We gather together all the interested parties to seal the transfer. Importantly, we make sure that your property is freehold by carrying out the necessary searches at the Land Registry. We also confirm that the first occupancy certificate (Licencia de Primera Ocupación) has been duly issued by the Town Council, and ensure that there are no unpaid Council Tax or utilities bills, or community fees that could otherwise transfer with the property and hit your pocket!

On completion, Spanish law requires all parties to attend signature of the Title Deed together at the Notary’s Office. If you can be there, so much the better. However, if you prefer, MAM Solicitors can prepare a Power of Attorney for you to sign, either in Spain or in your home country. We can then attend on your behalf, protecting your rights.

At MAM Solicitors, we believe it is vitally important to safeguard our clients AFTER completion of the sale. We will make sure there are no loose ends by offering a comprehensive AFTERSALES service which covers:

  • Payment of any Transfer Tax or Duty Stamp
  • Registration of the Deeds
  • Switching of all utilities and setting up of direct-debit payment mandates

Please feel free to browse through the other pages in this section, which tackles both the serious and enjoyable aspects. A good solicitor is absolutely essential. Buying a house is definitely NOT A DIY task.