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On more than one occasion we have spoken to you about the evolution and current affairs in the real estate sector.

It is true that, over the years, we have seen new trends, new ways of managing the real estate market and even how the type of buyer has changed.

At this point, we felt it was important to focus on something that is increasingly present in the real estate sector and that is even conditioning many people’s purchasing decisions: sustainability.

Caring for our planet and reducing our impact on the environment is increasingly valued by many buyers who are looking for a home that is as sustainable and efficient as possible, both in terms of construction materials and energy efficiency measures, whether in the materials used in its construction, the installation of solar panels or the glazing in all sales.

And something very similar can be said, of course, of buyers who decide to start a new construction project or a comprehensive reform of a property.

Today, we tell you some of the keys to this growing interest in sustainability and the reasons why it can be an added value to our new homes.

What are the benefits of opting for sustainable and energy efficiency measures in our new home?

As we were saying, in recent years, at MAM Solicitors we have noticed a change in the profile of buyers who, in addition to buying or renovating a home to make it as comfortable and functional as possible, are also looking for it to be environmentally friendly.

As well as seeking to minimise the smell we leave behind in our surroundings, we must also increasingly bear in mind that sustainability also offers a series of not inconsiderable benefits for homeowners. These are discussed below.

  • Durability and cost reduction: Homes with sustainable measures are more energy efficient, which can result in significant savings on utility bills over time.
  • Improved quality of life: The building materials and ventilation systems used in sustainable housing generally contribute to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for the inhabitants.
  • Market valuation: Sustainable housing tends to maintain its market value over time, and may even experience additional appreciation due to the growing demand for environmentally friendly properties.
  • Positive environmental impact: By reducing energy consumption, sustainable housing helps mitigate the negative environmental impact associated with building construction and maintenance.

Do sustainability measures increase the value of a property when buying or selling it?

As we have mentioned, the improvement of energy efficiency measures are, above all, a strong link and commitment to sustainability and care for our planet, so punished in recent years by pollution, gases, the waste we generate… but also an opportunity.

As we have mentioned, many of the sustainable measures applied to homes are aimed at energy efficiency, which brings significant benefits to our bills.

In fact, partly for this reason, many market studies already include the variable of sustainability in buildings as one of the factors most taken into account by new buyers or even by those who choose to rent, which can increase prices, in both cases, by up to 10% of their value.

How can MAM Solicitors help you with the purchase or sale of a property?

The paperwork, documentation or preparation of payments and contracts when buying or selling a property is really difficult to manage, even to understand, when you do not have the help of professionals or do not have any knowledge of the subject.

It is also often complicated when the seller is not resident in Spain.

At MAM Solicitors we have over 30 years experience in assisting our clients and carrying out all the necessary formalities.

In this case it is necessary to grant a Power of Attorney which empowers us to handle the various procedures we have seen and to sign on behalf of our clients.

If we can help you or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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