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Covid-19 has left a long list of changes in our daily routine. Many of our habits have changed, our way of relating to other people, even, in many cases, our way of working.

But does teleworking allow us to change our usual residence? Are companies prepared to manage teleworking?

The answer in this sense is clear: YES.

According to the article published by the prestigious firm EY Belgium Advisory “Why remote working will be the new normal, even after COVID-19”, the Covid-19 has generated the need for many companies to change and enable teleworking. Although, according to the study, this migration has gone reasonably well in a short period of time, there are some drawbacks that business managers should take into account. After all, the implementation of telework is broader and deeper than most companies realize. To be successful in the long term, a structured approach is needed, along with significant investment in changing the corporate culture.

For now, and following this line, from the Idealista holiday booking portal, it is assured that visits to its website from abroad have experienced an exponential growth since May to levels that exceed those registered last January.

This may be due to different factors: a renewed interest in living permanently in Spain through teleworking or buyers who have waited for prices to drop or who want to accelerate certain opportunities. In either case, there has been an increase in the interest of foreigners to reside in Spain permanently, especially in coastal areas.

In addition to the climate and ideal conditions for year-round residence, it is true that the health care conditions, as well as the ease of communications and connections that Spain offers, also give it certain advantages over other possible Mediterranean countries.

As we have read, teleworking has become a reality, a necessity for many companies and, above all, it has shown that it is a practice that can be established without worsening business results. It is a new path that many workers are taking in order to be able to reconcile work and family life, which gives them a certain freedom to organise themselves according to their personal needs and which allows people to be much more mobile.

Our question, at this point in time, is: why not take up residence in Spain and enjoy your new office near the beach?

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