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More and more people are thinking of spending their summer in Spain. The reasons? A climate that is unique in Europe, a gastronomy that is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet and beaches to die for.

From our experience, we can assure you that there are many clients that we have met over the 30 years that MAM Solicitors has been in business that, after having landed in Spain even by chance, have decided to make our country their little paradise or their habitual residence once they have reached retirement.

What is it about Spain, and especially the Mediterranean area, that makes people who come to spend their holidays in our country fall in love with it?

We could spend hours and hours telling you why Murcia, Almería or Alicante are truly dream places, but we are going to try to give you the best reasons why, if you spend at least one summer of your life in Spain, you will surely want to come back.

The longest summer in Europe:

Although by dates, and as happens in many places, summer in Spain takes place between the 21st of June and lasts until the 21st of September, we can assure you that, in the Mediterranean area, the months of May and October are not to be missed.

Warm and pleasant temperatures, which still allow you to enjoy the sunshine all day long and which invite you to put on a jumper at sunset to continue enjoying our gastronomy, walks through typical Mediterranean villages and the terraces with the best views.

Hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of coastline at your disposal:

Whether you prefer fine sandy beaches, rocky beaches or hidden coves where sunbathing or snorkelling is an experience in itself, you are sure to find your favourite place in the world on the Mediterranean coast.

It is worth remembering, in fact, that Spain, year after year, is the world leader and reference point for Blue Flag beaches.

The most charming coastal towns in Spain:

Towns and villages with white houses by the sea, surrounded by small boats that remind us of the typical fishing villages where enjoying fresh fish on a daily basis is still a delicacy.

But not only that, behind the beach, we often find natural parks where we can lose ourselves in eternal trails, climbs and ascents that will lead us to incredible views of our coastline.

Furthermore, our inland tourism is another of our great attractions. In addition to affordable excursions for the whole family, we have real cliffs, climbing areas for experts and some of the rivers where you can enjoy water descents and rafting that will delight the most adventurous.

Lovers of open-air music festivals, you’ve found your place!

The Mediterranean summer temperatures make it a unique place in Spain where some of the best music festivals in Europe are held every year.

Whether you like rock, pop, electronic music or jazz and classical music, you will be spoilt for choice.

The best gastronomy in the world?

Finally, and perhaps one of the reasons why thousands of tourists visit us every year, the summer months offer probably the best gastronomy on the planet.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables at their optimum moment with an incredible flavour, combined with our fresh fish, meats and rice dishes are, without a doubt, a worldwide attraction to visit the Spanish Mediterranean.

In addition, the temperature in summer allows you to enjoy outdoor dining on the many terraces either on the coast or in small charming inland villages. Also, you can be sure that the main hotels open their terraces to have a drink or a cocktail in some of the best terraces if you choose to sleep in cities like Almeria, Murcia or Alicante.


Do you need anything else to convince you that your first summer in Spain will not be your last?

If so, at MAM Solicitors we have been helping our clients for over 30 years to fulfil their dream of owning their own property in Spain to enjoy all year round in the warmer months.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help and advise you on everything you need.