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A mistake that many people make when they are about to buy a property or sell one, is to trust and not rely on the help of professionals specialised in this type of transaction.

And by this we do not only mean the necessary help or intermediation of professionals or agencies in the real estate sector to help us with the sale of the house.

Beyond this, and we could say that it is even more complex and we must take many more factors into account when it comes to the purchase of a property, it is important to receive professional advice to help us know if the contracts, and even the property, are in order, prepare the documents, check that there are no outstanding payments or help with the always complicated Spanish tax and administrative procedures.

Below, we have tried to summarise the main areas within the buying and selling process and the reasons why it is more than convenient to have the help of specialised lawyers to avoid any unpleasant surprises throughout the buying and selling process.

What is the role of a lawyer in the whole process of buying and selling a property?

Having the help of specialised professionals is important from the very beginning when we make the decision to purchase a specific property until the sale is closed and the relevant formalities and registrations are carried out.

In addition, we know that a specialised lawyer will also look after our interests at all times, so that, if necessary, he or she will be able to detect any clauses or conditions that are abusive or inappropriate on either side.

Below, we have tried to condense the whole buying and selling process and the importance of a good professional in 6 areas.

We explain!


  • Analysis and Review of the Documentation

When entering into a real estate transaction, checking that the documentation is in order is essential. A specialised lawyer has the ability to thoroughly review contracts, title deeds, deeds, agreements and other relevant documents to ensure that there are no harmful clauses or ambiguities that may affect the parties involved.


  • Problem Identification and Resolution

It is important to have professional help in identifying potential legal problems that may be overlooked. For example, issues such as liens, easements, ownership disputes, or even local zoning problems may arise during a transaction.


  • Negotiation and protection of clients’ interests

The negotiation process is an integral part of any real estate transaction. An experienced lawyer can represent and protect your client’s interests during negotiations, ensuring that the terms and conditions agreed are fair and beneficial to your client.


  • Financing and preparation of contracts

The financing, deposit payments or payment schedule should be carefully considered by both parties. The lawyer is responsible for reviewing such terms and advising on contractual clauses related to interest rates, payment terms, and consequences for non-compliance.


  • Closing the sale and administrative formalities

Closing the transaction involves a number of legal formalities. A real estate lawyer ensures that all documents are in order, that legal requirements are met and that the transfer of ownership is completed correctly.

Why choose MAM Solicitors for a property sale and purchase process?

At MAM Solicitors we have over 30 years experience in helping our clients.

We are a multicultural office ready to serve our clients in their own language. We will be responsible for carrying out all the paperwork on your behalf.

If you need any kind of advice about this procedure, do not hesitate to contact us and our specialists will help you in everything you need.

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