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If there is one thing we are very aware of at MAM Solicitors, it is how complex our system can be for people who do not live in Spain but have a property here and visit our country frequently, or even for those who live here and have difficulties with our language.

Aware of this, and always with the aim that our clients have in MAM an “ally” that makes them enjoy their stay and their home without major worries, our “Sweet Home” service was created with the aim of solving any problem, inconvenience or difficulty that may arise in relation to their home, whether it be documentation, taxes or anything else and solve it without the slightest inconvenience for them.

Did you already know about the “Sweet Home” service of MAM Solicitors?

We explain it to you.

What does the MAM Solicitors “Sweet Home” service consist of?

At MAM Solicitors we believe that there are 3 main areas in which we can be of great help to foreign property owners who have properties in Spain.

These three areas that we place special emphasis on are taxation, the legal area and the area that has to do with all the management or contracting of supplies for the property.

  • Sweet Home Tax:

As is normal, all owners, foreign or not, who have a property in Spain are subject to a tax regime.

It must be taken into account that, as established by the law in Spain, all non-resident owners are obliged to pay certain taxes in our country with the difficulties that this entails on many occasions.

If this is the case, we recommend those residents in Spain to enquire about our services to find out to what extent MAM Solicitor can help them to manage their tax obligations.

  • Sweet Home Legal:

MAM Solicitors can also provide guidance or advice on legal issues that may affect you during your stay in Spain or your property through our “Sweet Home” service.

For example, on legal documents, registered letters or legal notices you may receive. We also give you initial advice to guide you on legal matters that may affect you, such as a traffic accident, crimes or misdemeanours you have committed in Spain or in which you may have been involved or legal contracts.

  • Sweet Home Utilities:

A necessary aspect when we have a property is the contracting of all the necessary supplies, whether it be gas, electricity, water, etc. ….

At MAM Solicitors we can help you to establish contracts with the service providers and all the procedures involved.

Also, of course, in the event of a possible cut-off in the event of non-payment or due to an incident for which the supplier is responsible.

In addition, we take care of keeping up to date with all legal changes that may affect any of these supplies so that they never cause any unforeseen events for our clients.


If you need more information about our “Sweet Home” service or any of its areas, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in any way we can.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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