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Although it is true that we are living in a time when we talk a lot about economic stability in the European Union and individually in some countries, the truth is that many foreign clients contact MAM Solicitors to help them in the acquisition and management of properties in Spain.

As they themselves tell us, there are many who decide, once their working life is over, to enjoy a golden retirement in Spain surrounded by good weather, but there are also those, and not a few, who decide to acquire their property in Spain to obtain a good return on it.

Be that as it may, both cases have something in common: the complexity of the Spanish administrative system, especially if you also live abroad, and the need to count sooner or later on the services of a specialised professional.

If, in your case, you are considering this possibility for the year 2024, here are the reasons why it is advisable to hire the services of a Solicitor to manage the acquisition and all the subsequent procedures.

Do I need the help of a Solicitor to buy a property in Spain from abroad?

As we have mentioned, and I am sure that many of you are well aware of the complexity of our administrative system and its taxation in Spain, as many of you know from acquaintances who have carried out this type of operation or similar ones.

In fact, there are many foreigners who acquire a property in our country and are unaware of the taxes and tributes indicated in Spanish law, the formalities and registrations that must be carried out or the financial declarations to the Treasury in cases where a property is acquired and destined for tourist rental, for example.

Therefore, do we consider that it is very important when carrying out this type of operations from abroad to be able to count on the help of a professional? Of course it is! Especially if you want to avoid really annoying or uncomfortable situations that could make you regret your investment.

In addition, the purchase process itself also entails a series of procedures that must be carried out prior to signing the contract, such as, among others, the previous studies of ownership at the beginning of the process, as well as the presentation of the documentation once the sale and purchase has been confirmed and the transfer has been stamped.

Similarly, it is necessary to check whether a property is free of encumbrances or whether it has any outstanding payments for taxes or public services that could affect the buyer in any way.

The same applies to the complicated procedures that must be carried out with the local Town Halls or Land Registries as we must ensure, amongst other things, that the property is freehold, and that the First Occupation Licence has been duly issued.

It is also very convenient that they help us with the annual taxes depending on whether a person is resident or not in Spain, as they can vary substantially and can be misleading and lead to a really negative surprise.

Our exclusive “Sweet home” service by MAM Solicitors for those customers who only want to worry about enjoying their investment.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience, at MAM Solicitors we know exactly what our clients need and how to help them in every situation.

Our “SWEET HOME” service is an exclusive service for our clients so that their only concern is how to make the most of their stay in Spain, without having to deal with difficult Spanish administrative procedures, be aware of regulatory changes or deal with any paperwork from abroad.

At MAM Solicitors we offer you a new and innovative holding service, designed to provide instant access to comprehensive assistance whenever it is needed.

You can find out about all our exclusive services by clicking on the following link:

Do not hesitate to contact us and our specialists will help you with everything you need.

More than 30 years helping our clients in the management of their properties are our guarantee.


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