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It is important to remember (and very easy to forget!) that when you are at your local beach or on holiday in the countryside, your actions can damage the environment. You may be contributing to pollution of the water you love to swim in, making life difficult for wildlife or damaging the delicate environment.

Spain is a very attractive spot for many reasons, especially the areas of Alicante and Almeria. 300 days of sunshine per year, fantastic amenities, great healthcare system, beautiful beaches and mountains, delicious gastronomy andgolf courses… After all these years of hard work, you truly deserve all this!

The province of Alicante is known for its spectacular beaches, its palm trees and the radiant sun that shines practically all year round. Also the province of Almería has over 200 kilometers of unique beaches, stunning volcanic landscapes and turquoise waters.

This is exactly why it’s so important to be as environmentally conscious and friendly as possible! It’s essential to maintain these beautiful landscapes and flavourful gastronomy.

But you may wonder, how can I be more ecofriendly? The following tips will help you ensure that your beach or countryside day out, does not result in significant and irreversible damage, and that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come:


  • Keep any litter with you until you find a bin – cans, papers and especially plastic! The easiest way to follow this tip is to bring your own fabric or plastic bag with you to store any waste until you find a bin to dispose of all of it!
  • Don’t start a fire outside controlled areas – especially when you’re in the countryside or a forest, be extra careful with fire. A bbq is a great idea but make sure you do it in an area designed for it, and also remember to never drop a lit up cigarette on the floor!
  • Don’t create obstacles for animals – animals organically help keep the environment healthy, so we need to try not to obstruct their natural habitat with any foreign object.
  • Don’t drive on the beach – this really damages the beach! Off-roading vehicles can be scary and disruptive to adult birds, who may fly away any time a vehicle comes down to the beach.You might accidentally hit animals and even leave a trace of dangerous chemicals. Also, it’s very damaging for cars, too!

Happy holiday!