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Cabo de Palos is located in a privileged spot, open to the sea and very close to Murcia. A place of passage for many marine species where you will want to stay as long as necessary, enjoying its wonderful seabed, colours and crystal clear waters.

The Cabo de Palos – Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve is the most important, best known and most visited by both national and international divers.

With a coast of great ecological importance in its surroundings, the Cabo de Palos – Islas Hormigas marine reserve, is considered a true paradise because of its oceanic meadows. considered the climax of the Mediterranean Sea, as it serves as food and protection for all the existing diversity and is a bio-indicator of the quality of its waters. An underground wonder with thousands of surprises for all divers.

Corals, groupers, moray eels and an endless number of fish swim in these waters accompanied by large plant organisms that are born in all their surroundings. All lovers of the marine world can enjoy a protected area.

In fact, both the richness and the good state of conservation of its sea beds have motivated the protection of the same, within the Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve.

That said, we must add that it´s a cove open to the Mediterranean Sea, where you can rest and enjoy the warmth of the sun of the coast of Murcia, in equal parts.

Moreover, in the area you can find many diving companies that will be able to accompany you and help you to make your dives even better. Also, why not, get your diving baptism in the best area of Spain.

Some of the most privileged resorts on the coast of Murcia, are located nearby. Without a doubt, these are idyllic places where you can rest after an intense day underwater, enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean gastronomy and even play a few holes in its impressive golf courses in the late afternoon.