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We know that this situation caused by the expansion of coronavirus is not simple, besides, it is a new situation for everyone and it is difficult to cope with. It is very normal that in this period of time we have doubts, fears and even anxiety towards the situation.

To cope with this the best as possible during days of social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to be clear on two things: that it has a goal and, above all, that it has an end.

This way it will be a little easier to adapt our thinking, understanding that this isolation will occur only for a while, that it responds to something and that it has an end.

Taking this into account, we want to share with you some advice or guidelines to prevent this situation from causing psychological discomfort, and for it to become more bearable.

Apart from the following guidelines, we should not forget that maintaining a positive attitude and carrying out the habits recommended by health authorities are sure to make this period as short as possible.

Here are ten recommendations to better assimilate the quarantine:

  1. To understand in what moment me are in. To understand that the situation is what it is, and that it is essential that we all collaborate.
  2. Comply with the guidelines of the health authorities. The improvement of the situation is up to us. We have to comply with health recommendations and we have to stay home.
  3. Organize your day to day. We have to start creating new routines. We recommend planning schedules or taking notes of ideas that arise. Another very important tip, is to think about the products we need, and aim to buy everything we need at once.
  4. Information. Information should always come from official and reliable sources. If you’re not sure how accurately information is, don’t share it on social media.
  5. Let’s stay in contact. It’s important to talk and communicate with the people you love, and above all, the older ones. Sharing how you’re living the situation with your family and friends through calls or video calls will help you make quarantine more bearable.
  6. Make the most of the moment. Try to do the things that youreally enjoy and can almost never do due to the circumstances and organization of life. Read, play with your kids if that’s the case, listen to music, or take the opportunity to watch movies.
  7. Time for creativity. Take advantage to cook, organize the cupboards. Try to do activities in company if possible, maybe a story workshop.
  8. Time to do sports at home. You can use the applications or tutorials that are available online. Sport reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  9. Observe the health status of those around you. Self-care must be given importance. It is essential to receive natural light, balanced diet, sleep the right hours and not lose your sense of humor.
  10. Take special care of your mood, what you say, and how you say it. Especially if we have children at home