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As you know, with the entry into force of Brexit, there have been a series of changes to the agreements between the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union.

One of them, and no less important, is related to the driving licenses in order to be able to continue driving in Spain.

The agreement is about to expire, with the 31st of October being the deadline for validating driving licenses.


Can I present the exchange for my driving licence?

Firstly, you should know that as of January 1st 2021, licences issued by the British authorities will be valid for driving in Spain until October 31st 2021, and will not be valid for driving in our country after that date.

The application must be made in person at the Jefatura or Traffic Office.

Appointments can be requested 3 working days after submitting your application and untilDecember 31st 2021 if no anomaly has been notified by the administration.

The documentation to be submitted is as follows:

  • Application for exchange completed on an official form, which includes a declaration that you are not deprived of driving by a court order.
  • Original and valid proof of identity and residence.
  • Valid foreign driving licence to be exchanged.
  • Original current 32 x 26 mm. colour photograph with plain background.
  • Proof of payment of the procedure

In cases where the request for exchange has not been applied for before October 31st 2021, a new driving licence will have to be obtained in Spain.

How can I obtain a new driving licence in Spain?

The first requirement is to be of legal age (18 years old in Spain).

The driving licence in Spain consists of several tests that demonstrate the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to drive a vehicle. The test consists of a theoretical test and a practical test.

Although it is usual to go to a driving school, Spanish law also allows people to take the tests on their own.

For either option, it is essential to be resident in Spain. In the case, for example, of a student, must prove that will reside continuously in Spain for at least 6 months.