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Spain isn’t the second most visited country in the world for no reason! This world-wide favorite is known for its soft climate and wonderful gastronomy among other factors such as the high level of its safety, health-care, infrastructure and the warmth of its people. So, if you’re considering buying a property in Spain, or selling yours, it’s important to learn about the process to avoid skipping any step. At MAM, we are a specialized team with over 10 years of experience in the matter.

MAM Solicitor’s primary resource is the professional ability of our legal and administrative staff. Being aware of the difficulties that clients face when presented with an unfamiliar legal system (which can be complicated further by a language barrier), MAM Solicitors has brought together a team of fluent, English speaking staff with extensive knowledge of all aspects of property law.

  • Our services include from preliminary searches on title or licences to the final arrangements gathering all different parties at the notary.
  • A comprehensive AFTERSALES service which covers registration of deeds & transfer of all utilities is also within our scope as our aim is to make sure your acquisition is as smooth and easy as it could ever be.

The aftersales process is just as important to regulate the situation and close it properly. Not closing it properly could potentially translate into more fees.

  • When selling, we ensure all requirements are in place to avoid last minute rushes which could spoil a deal. Buys and sales often come with several offers from different parties, so it’s essential to be completely ready in order to avoid missing the best deals.
  • We can also prepare your CAPITAL GAINS TAX RETURN, so the Spanish Treasury takes what it is owed but not a cent more. This is tricky and can only be done successfully by a highly experienced team like MAM’s.
  • In Spain there is a taxation for non residents that our team will take care of for you. Through the system of a basic retaining fee, we will act as your fiscal representatives in Spain, taking care of the preparation and payment of your annual non-resident taxes. This way you will always be updated on any changes in Spanish taxation laws that may directly affect you and you will always be sure your fiscal obligations have been duly fulfilled.
  • There is also taxation on residents, if this is your case this will apply. MAM Solicitors is pleased to assist those expats who live permanently in Spain. We undertake to keep double taxation at bay when serving your annual income tax returns.
  • Another very important service we offer is litigation. Thanks to a long-standing association with the legal firm based in Murcia, we are able to offer a specialised LITIGATION SERVICE before the Spanish Courts of Justice. We are prepared to undertake Civil Litigation, Family Law & Divorce, Criminal and Road Traffic Defence.

Not only will we take care of all these steps, but we will also solve any questions you may have and find the best solution at every step.


  • Sarah Grundy says:

    My brother and myself own a property together in Murcia approx 18 years ago for €115,000 (through you)and he is wanting to buy my 50% share from me.
    The property has not been valued but if we were to assume that it is worth €80,000 then what sort of fees/ taxes are we looking at.?
    Also , is it possible to gift it to him??
    Please can you let me know our options

  • Catherine and Keith Church says:

    Hi, when we purchased our villa in 2006 you acted as our solicitors for the purchase. We have now accepted an offer to sell the villa and are looking for a solicitor to act for us selling the villa and also acting with power of attorney (which we also need to arrange) Can you let us know if you have someone who can speak English. Can you let us know the costs for selling our villa at 230,000 euros and for arranging the power of attorney?

    40 Calle Geminis
    San Juan de Los Tererros