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Today we would like to talk to you about what for many of us is our personal little paradise, the “Costa Cálida”. It may not have the recognition, or has not been given the same visibility, as other coastal areas of the Spanish coastline but, we assure you, whoever discovers it will repeat more than once.

By “Costa Cálida” we mean the coastal area of the Region of Murcia, which gets its name from the more than 300 days a year in which we can find sunshine. This is the reason why it is an increasingly sought after destination, not only for the summer months, but also for permanent residence throughout the year and to let yourself get lost among its beaches, its nature and the possibility of practising sport practically all year round in the open air.

Having made this short introduction, we are going to explain to you what we consider to be the 5 reasons why anyone who comes to the “Costa Cálida” will fall in love with it.

1. An incomparable sea

One of the curiosities that we find is the possibility of enjoying two totally different seas. For those of you who don’t know, the region of Murcia is home to the so-called “Mar Menor”, the largest saltwater lagoon to be found in Europe. It is characterised by its warm and calm waters, which make it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

On the other side of the Mar Menor, on the other side of the Mar Menor, our coastline is completely open to the Mediterranean. Not only are its stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters well known, but also its fauna and seabed are well known and many people travel here every year to enjoy diving in the area.

2. Nature all year round

In the area comprised by the “Costa Cálida” we can find up to 7 regional parks that will delight nature lovers and excursionists. For example, the Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar and the possibility of bird watching, the Parque de las Salinas for those who enjoy ornithology or the paradisiacal and virgin beaches of Calblanque.

3. TOP gastronomy with the best Mediterranean ingredients

As you know, Mediterranean cuisine is renowned all over the world not only for its incredible flavours and variety of products and recipes, but also for being a healthy diet recommended by the main scientific societies.

In the case of the region of Murcia, its gastronomy is also a journey through thousands of years of history and different cultures that have inhabited the area, leaving their legacy here too.

From the Romans to the Arab influences present in many areas of Spain, Murcia is known for its vegetables taken directly from the market garden, but also for its own recipes such as “Marineras” or “paparajote”.

4. A region full of monuments and history

As we have already mentioned, the region of Murcia is a legacy of cultures over centuries and centuries that have left an indelible mark on our history.

In addition to the wonderful beaches, natural landscapes and our gastronomy, cities such as Murcia and Cartagena invite you to take a stroll and delve into thousands of years of history. For example, the Roman theatre in Cartagena or the Baroque heritage that can be found in the city of Lorca.

Also, the region of Murcia is known for its traditional festivals, many of which have been declared festivals of International Tourist Interest.

5. Some of the best Spas and Resorts in the Mediterranean

For those who do not know the area and are looking to spend a few days enjoying and disconnecting from the routine, the area has some of the best resorts and spas in the Mediterranean to immerse yourself in a few days full of wellness and good care.

The region of Murcia has been distinguished as a health destination and offers more than 5,000 accommodation places in establishments dedicated to the health and wellbeing of its guests, both in coastal and inland areas.